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Cienco4’s General Director welcomes the IFTO

On the morning of Feb 19, 2020, Cienco4’s General Director Nguyen Tuan Huynh welcomed and met with Mr Chihiro Hirai - Chairman and Mr Koshi Watanabe -  Special Adviser of the Institute of Foreign Student & Human Resources Total Support Organization (IFTO)

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Cienco4’s Director of Human Resource Department Van Hong Tuan and Assistant to General Director Nguyen Anh Tan attended the meeting. IFTO’s Chairman Chihiro Hirai expressed his impression to Cienco4’s development and hoped to cooperate with Cienco4 to provide some equipment and services to local buildings, towers and homes. Besides, IFTO is interes​ted in the human resource business with Vietnamese workers being sent to Japan for education, training and working. 

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Mr Huynh highly appreciated IFTO and realized the cooperation between two companies is a possible direction of development, especially as Vietnam is an open market in this field and local people are highly in need of such modern equipment in their homes. In terms of sending workers to Japan, Cienco4 has been doing this since 2015 with more than 50 ones being sent. He agreed with Mr Hirai that the human resource, especially skillful workers, are always in need not only by Japan but also Vietnam and looked forward to detailed plan and strategy from IFTO leaders.

Hong Phuong.​​​​​​

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