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​CIENCO4's Youth Union presents traditional Tet gifts in Na Ngoi commune, Ky Son district, Nghe An province

Youth Union of CIENCO4 Group has organized a charity program to donate gifts to poor people in 2018 and donate warm clothes to kindergarten children, grade 1 and grade 2 of Na Ngoi Commune, Ky Son District, Nghe An Provine.

Previously, on January 12, 2018, the Standing Committee of the Youth Union launched a charitable program to raise money and clothes for old people and children are living and studying in Na Ngoi Commune, Ky Son District, Nghe An Province.

After 02 weeks of launch, the program has raised more than 50 million, 02 boxes of books, pens, and a lot of old clothes are also good use from youth union members, employees of the 24 Youth Union, Group affiliates of the Youth Union Group. All the above artifacts together with 300 new shirts were ordered from a part of the money supported by the Youth Union Group directly transferred to Na Ngoi commune to hand over to the children. The remaining funds will be donated to the charity fund of the Youth Union to carry out other charity programs in 2018.

On January 27,28/2018 Youth Union of Group cooperated with Economic Defense Union 4 held a gift giving directly to children and pupils in Na Ngoi. In the cold end of the highland border of Nghe An, 23 members of Youth Union Group has exceeded 300km to hand over to the students of the new shirt with the wish that they will welcome a happy, cozy New Year with their family, together welcome a beautiful spring.

Also at the gift giving, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Toan - Secretary of the Group Youth Union presented 30 gifts (500,000 VND / item) to 30 poor families living in Na Ngoi commune on behalf of the Group's leaders in the program of giving warm traditional Tet gifts for the poor of 2018 organized by CIENCO4.

The gift giving finished in the fun and happy of pupils in Na Ngoi commune. Childhood is always associated with gifts, the youth union members of CIENCO4 always hope that the small gifts that they directly transfer to the children today will be beautiful memories as they grow up, help children grow up as good citizens, contribute to build their country.

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