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After 50 years located in the peaceful Nghe An province, the headquarter of Cienco 4 was moved to Ha Noi, the Capital of Vietnam. The movement of headquarter is not only a change in location but also affects working conditions and living environment of thousands of employees (including their families). However, Cienco 4 did it in only one week. On 17 January 2013, the corporation is officially located in Floor 10 and 11 of ICON 4 Building, De La Thanh street, Lang Thuong ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi City. This relocation surprised so many people because it happened in the situation of economic crisis when most companies narrowed their size or stayed still. At present, hundreds of employees of Cienco 4 officially have become citizens of Hanoi Capital and catched up with life rhythm and environment of the new land. It can be said that the decision of moving headquarter of Cienco 4 from Vinh to Ha Noi was a historic milestone of the Corporation.

Cienco4 was honorably awarded title "Hero of Labor" by the Communist Party and the Government.


Remarkable growth

In the conference of assignment in 2013, leaders of Cienco 4 set the target of output to be 9,000 billion dong, revenue to be 8,200 billion dong, payment to be 8,000 billion dong, average income of employee to be 7.5 million dong per month. But Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang required the company to raise target up to 10,000 billion dong of output. This number made leaders and employees very worried. However, by the end of 2013 the corporation archived remarkable numbers: 12,065 billion dong/9,000 billion dong of output which made up 134% of the plan in 2013 and increased 54% in comparison with 2012 (7,839 billion dong). The revenue of the company obtained 11,488 billion dong/8,200 billion dong which made up 139% of the plan in 2013, 49% more than that of the year 2012 (7,688 billion dong). Payment in 2013 came to an end with 11,138 billion dong/8,000 billion dong, which made up 139% of plan in 2013 and 42% of increase compared with the year 2012 (7,861 billion dong), average income of employee in 2013 reached 7.9 million dong/person/month, making up 105% of plan in 2013. It can be said that this was the first time Cienco 4 had reached such remarkable growth so far.


Inauguration Ceremony of The Project of improving and widening national highway no.1A section from the South of Ben Thuy bridge to Ha Tinh City Bypass.

Ground breaking and inauguration ceremony all the time

"Ground breaking and inauguration ceremony all the time" is the statement of Chairman of Ha Tinh People's Committee in the inauguration ceremony of The Project of improving and widening national highway no.1A section from the South of Ben Thuy bridge to Ha Tinh City Bypass which was invested and implemented by Cienco 4. Obviously, in 2013 Cienco 4 has been carrying out numbers of ceremony of ground breaking and technical opening. Taking some as examples:

As for ground breaking: Package 9 of Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway Project (January 2013); BOT project of improving and widening of national highway no.1A at section Nghi Son – Cau Giat (March 2013); Runway construction project of Phu Bai International Airport (March 2013); Vinh Airport widening and improvement project (April 2013); Package 3A of Ky Lam bridge under Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway Project (May 2013); Package 15 under the project of improving and widening national highway 1A at section Cau Giat – Dien Chau (June 2013); project of improving and widening of national highway 1A at section Ha Tinh City – Vung Ang (July 2013); Nguyet Vien bridge and Tao River bridge in Thanh Hoa (August 2013); Dong Khe bridge in Hai Phong (December 2013), etc.

As for inauguration: closure of Hong river Bridge and completion of two bridges over Hong river and Lo river under Ha Noi – Lao Cai Expressway Project (11th February 2013); inauguration and technical opening for Nguyen Tri Phuong bridge in Da Nang City (30 April 2013) to welcome 38th anniversary of the liberation of Da Nang City (four months prior to the schedule); inauguration and putting into service of runway of Phu Bai International Airport (two and a half months prior to the schedule); BOT project of improving and widening of national highway no.1A at section South of Ben Thuy – Ha Tinh City Bypass (9 months earlier), etc.

Leading in the equitization progress

In 2013 Cienco 4 was one of the leading corporations in the equitization progress. Four road management and maintenance companies transferred from Directorate for Roads of Vietnam into Cienco 4 completed the equitization after around six months. Da Khai Hydropower Plant (investment out of the main business) was handed over to the Electric Company of Gia Lai province successfully. Equitization of the parent company has been carried out as the schedule approved by the Ministry of Transport and the Government.


Signing ceremony of business cooperation agreement for the period 2013 – 2018 between Cienco 4 and BIDV

Multilateral cooperation for development

The last year marked the cooperation of Cienco 4 on many fields with foreign and domestic partners. Economically, Cienco 4 and Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam signed a business cooperation agreement on provision of credit for BOT projects of improving and widening of national highway no.1A at sections from the South of Ben Thuy bridge to Ha Tinh City Bypass and Nghi Son – Cau Giat which valued thousands of billion dong. Besides, Cienco 4 also signed cooperation agreements with the Communication and Transport University, the Foreign Language Center, and the Central Region Transport College regarding human resource training to meet the demand of development. In addition, Cienco 4 cooperated with Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co.,Ltd (Japan) in the field of transferring bridge construction technology and in construction bidding. Moreover, Cienco 4 signed cooperation agreement with Nghe An Television and Radio Station for trademark broadcasting and propagation of traffic regulations. Cienco 4 sponsored Ha Tinh Provincial Youth Union in the program of traffic safety in project area in Ha Tinh province and propagating traffic regulation compliance. Besides, Cienco 4 cooperated with local authorities of project area regarding land clearance and traffic safety assurance during construction.


Signing Ceremony of Agreement for the period 2013 – 2018 between Cienco 4 and Transport and Communication University

Improve the human resource

Human resource is one of key factors to build the present trademark of Cienco 4. Acknowledging that, leaders of Cienco 4 cooperated with Vinh University and Ha Noi Transport and Communication University to establish a training course of economic construction master for Cienco4's employees. The Corporation had more 44 masters by the end of the year 2013. Additionally, more than 200 engineers were provided further knowledge of cable-stayed-bridge, tunnel bridges, English for specific purposes, and other fields. 115 officers in different levels were trained about enterprise administration. Tens of good and fair graduates were recruited; hundreds of technical workers were trained and re-trained for working at site. Many Deputy General Directors and Department Head and Mangers of subsidiaries were appointed in 2013. Moreover, Cienco 4 gave scholarship to excellent and poor students.

Take care of workers' living

Up to now, most workers of Cienco 4 at site live in houses with air-conditioners, televisions, playing ground, washing machines, or have someone to do their laundry. All construction units were provided with INAC kitchen tool. Average income of each worker was from 7.9 to 10 million dong per month. Those working at significant projects were supported money for meals and drinks. Some management boards held football and volleyball competition. In October 2013 the Corporation celebrated Sport Festival, in which 30 units and almost 1,000 people participated. On the occasion of Tet Holiday, all workers at site were taken to their houses on cars hired by the Corporation.


Effervescent social activities

In 2013 Cienco 4 boosted social activities together with development of production and the Corporation. The Corporation built the cemetery for fallen fighters in Thanh Chuong district, flower garden and monument of fallen heroes in Dong Loc commune, fabricated bells for donation at the mentioned cemetery and temper of fallen volunteers in Truong Bon. The Corporation donated 350 cows to the poor in three provinces Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang, and Nghe An. Besides, the Corporation gave cars and improved houses for patients at Vo Hoang Yen Rehabilitation and Nourishing Center in Ha Tinh province. Moreover, the Corporation gave presents and financially supported removed families in the project area; raised a fund of 5 billion dong to help residents in the Central. Especially, at the end of 2013 the Corporation gave 2600 Tet presents to poor families in the northern central provinces. Total amounts for social activities in 2013 reached tens of billions of dong.

Given awards and title "Hero of Labor"

Last year is considered to be filled with events and awards. Cienco 4 was given the prize "Vietnam Glory", Award Platinum Category for leadership in quality in Switzerland by BID. The General Director Le Ngoc Hoa was awarded "Thanh Giong" prize for his own achievements. The Corporation and subsidiaries were given emulation flags by the Government, groups and individuals were given Labor Medal and Merit by the Prime Minister. Especially, the Corporation was awarded the title "Hero of Labor", which is considered a remarkable success and glory.

Enhance the trademark

The achievement of Cienco 4 in 2013 was made from intelligence, effort, sweat, and ability of leaders and officers of Cienco 4. The Corporation has made significant contribution into the transport development of the country. Also, the corporation has been building and enhancing its credibility and trademark "Cienco 4". It can be said that so far the trademark "Cienco 4" has been confirmed and continues to be enhanced.

In the new year 2014, Cienco 4 is about to finalize their equitization. They still keeps strategy of investing into new equipment and technology, building high quality human resource to meet the new demand of deeper integration. Hopefully, Cienco 4 shall obtain much more success in the New Year.


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