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the quality control of raw materials input have been developed and successfully applied professional system in Cienco4. It is one of the key factors to ensure the sustainable development of the corporation as well as build up confidence and reputation to Employers and customers, partners

In 2010, the Department of Material and Trade was established with the function of directly importing and controlling quality of domestic and foreign materials.At this time Cienco4 was not only one of leading construction corporations but also the pioneer in building a specific department in charge of controlling materials from factory to site. Moreover, together with the quality management system regulated by the State and the Employer, Cienco4 has had a separate board of quality control in order to check frequently and apply advanced materials on its projects.


Cienco4 has been importing materials from such suppliers and manufactures such as Shell Bitumen, Vina Kyoei, Nghi Son Cement, Viet-Italy Steel, Viet-Japan Steel in the past few years. In the first six months of 2014, over 250 thousand tons of cement were provided to Cienco4 from Nghi Son, Tam Diep, Hoang Mai, and Hai Phong factories; and imported over 20 thousand tons of steel from Vina Kyoei, Viet-Japan, and Viet-Italy factories. The quality of materials has been always under good control right at the mill. At present,bitumen is not produced widely in Vietnam, thus, Cienco4 has to buy this material from Shell (one of credible bitumen supplier of Singapore) and supervise Shell's import of bitumen, production, transportation, and storage for quality assurance. Other materials like anchor, pre-stressed cable, expansion joint, and bearing have been imported directly and controlled fully.


For the sustainable development, Cienco4 has cooperated with Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co.,Ltd in large-sized projects funded by JICA. Sumitomo Mitsui has recommended some credible Japanese suppliers of auxiliary materials like Vina-PS Mitsubishi Company for concrete sheet piles, Taiyu Company for asphalt concrete pavement, KTB Company for pre-stressed cable, MO - TECH company for cofferdam materials, Nippon Steel and Sumikin Pipe Vietnam for cofferdam frames.


With the main priority of work's quality,  Cienco4 has determined to concentrate on these four  matters as follows:

Firstly: Draw up a strategy of production and business, and then build a specific plan.

Secondly:  Focus on material source and credible partners.

Thirdly: Take control over quality from the beginning, update and renew technology and information.

Fourthly: Insist the best and effective price for provision schedule assurance.

Cienco4 has been following strictly the plan and assure the quality of its projects.


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