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Project of construction and widening of landing area at Vinh Airport is developed for synchronization with the new completed Passenger Terminal and effective operation and usage in accordance with technology process of the new terminal.Total area of the landing zone is 11,797.36 m2, wooden border is 834.46m2, and approach road to the terminal is 2,089.29m2.The contracted schedule is 7.5 months since the plan handing-over.

Company No.422 is in charge of construction organization upon Cienco4's assignment. The project was started June 10th 2014 and is speeded up now. During implementation, the contractor had to deal with difficulties of weather and rain; the construction must be suspended many days due to rain. It took long time to unload sand bags. Specifications for formwork of concrete wire mesh are high, allowable deviation under 3mm. Moreover, airport security must be tightened as a passenger terminal has been newly built and the runway has been widened. With valuable experiences at Noi Bai International Airport, Phu Bai Airport (Thua Thien Hue province), leaders of Company No.422 had a lot of experience to instruction and manage the implementation scientifically to meet requirements of the Employer and Cienco4.

Reasonable labor arrangement

Director of Company No.422 Dang Minh Hong decided to assign the core construction Team No.2, who was working at the car landing area, to implement substructure of the work for in - place labor exploitation. He assigned mechanism construction team No.3 and construction team No.4 to work all day and night. Mechanism construction team No.3 and construction team No.6 were asked to implement concrete wire mesh which required high technical specifications; they had just completed the viaduct at NH46 and South-North railway. Reasonable labor arrangement has enable construction schedule assurance, transport cost reduction, material and equipment elimination.

Follow up at site, strictly instruct

Recognizing the project as a change for trademark enhancement of Cienco4 and Company No.422, the company's leaderskept sticking to the siteto give in time instructions and decisions. Director Dang Minh of Co.422 came to the site every day to check the work, Vice Director Nguyen Quoc Tuyen stayed in a container at site to watch every stage of the work. Management Board is next to the site, worker's houses are at the airport gate; construction schedule chart is exact to days; the remaining work item of a day must be finished on the very following day. He shared, "workers cannot be patient as the work is stopped by rain".


Construction schedule defines trademark

As contracted, the project must be completed within 7.5 months since site handing over, from 10/6/2014 to 25/1/2015. Concrete M350/45 must be poured by 31/12/2014. As the Employer hopes to put the work into service early, General Director Nguyen Tuan Huynh required Co.422 to install concrete M350/475 before 8/12/2014. This is the challenge and faith which leaders of Cienco4 put on Co.422. On 27/12/2014, 3.000/6.200m3 concrete was poured. With its determination, Co.422 will definitely complete the schedule as required to deserve leaders' faith.

Union is strength

Leaders of Co.422 are working with the guideline "Grasp thoroughly the mission target – improve the ideology–gather and convince people to join the work". From the early year, the Party of Cienco4 recognizedbridge on NH46 and Vinh airport as the core projects for the Corporation to show its construction method and trademark. Politics system of the Corporation has joined the effort to build the work. The Party, Trade Union, and Youth Union came to the site every week to take care of workers' livinggive those encouraging presents.A sudden reward decision was always made when a task was fulfilledeffectively to encourage workers. On these days when concrete is poured for the last stage, volunteers from the Youth Union of the Corporation's office joined an effort to clean the site.


Youth's power makes victory

In total team leaders and workers are taking part in the construction site – all of them are young people. Leader of construction team no.3 Nguyen Trung Dung is one of typical one to attend the Conference of learning and followingthe moral mirror of Ho Chi Minh President of the Corporation; Mr Hoang Van Cuong who is in charge of the site zone no.6 has just been admitted to the Party. All workers of this project are young member of the Union and Party who commit to make glorious victory.

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