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​The 55th anniversary of CIENCO4

"55 high value prizes worth waiting for outstanding players in the 55th anniversary contest of CIENCO4"

Responding to the traditional 55 year program of CIENCO4 Group (27/12 / 1962-27 / 12/2017) and 5 years of relocation of the Group from Nghe An to Hanoi (17/1/2013-17/1/2018). Youth Union of CIENCO4 Group has launched a contest to explore 55 years of traditional CIENCO4.

This is a highly attractive contest, suitable for the 4.0 Industry of the Country and the Group. The contest is conducted through an interactive program on all applications of Android, Apple, Computer connected to the internet.

Simple connection

Players only enter the phone number, full name and choose the unit is working. The player's account and achievements will be retained by the host system as a basis for the award. Phone numbers and player names are the basis for the committee to contact and award prizes.

Close question, bold CIENCO4

Players will experience over 40 questions related to the following areas: Group History, Investment, Ownership, Technology, Management, Management and Strategic Orientation of CIENCO4 Group. The contest will remind the CIENCO4 children of the familiar mark and provide strategic directions, interesting information, attractive that you may never know.

Attractive prizes

55 attractive prizes are waiting for the outstanding players in the contest of 55 years tradition of CIENCO4. The prize will be awarded at the gala night of the Group CIENCO4.

Expected time

The competition will take place within one month from 25th November 2017 to 25th December 2017. Players can play multiple times with many different questions and answers, achievements of players are always saved by the system as a basis for reward the prize.

Guide play

Players can download software "CIENCO4 GROUP" on google store and apple store or download directly to computer from Download here​

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