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Opening the history pages of the Bureau of Works; the name of Enterprises Union No. 1, Civil Engineering Construction Enterprise No.4, Central Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, Civil Engineering Construction Corporation JSC (CIENCO4) and CIENCO4 Group are imprinted over time. There were many people silently devoted and sacrificed during the war to build key roads through hills, mountains and forests  which contributed into the victory of Vietnam today. We can say that the footprint of CIENCO4's workers are on all regions of the country. Its Works are named on the Vietnam map.


Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway Construction Project (Ho Chi Minh city)

With desire of winning, devoting and bringing the country out of the poor circumstance, staffs, engineers and workers under CIENCO4 have made their effort to overcome difficulties and challenges; conquered and applied the most advanced construction techniques. CIENCO4 permanently creates the trust by its high quality and satisfactory progress.


Nghe An Seaports

By quick and sustainable steps in the integration period, CIENCO4 always gets the high appreciation from management agencies, consultant units and partners. Not only in aspect of transport  works as before, CIENCO4 has expanded its investment into many different sectors with quite impressive numbers of growth.

In the late October last year, CIENCO4 marked its first step in development process by making a joint venture with Thailand-based Hemaraj Land & Development Public Co., Ltd – a leading infrastructure developer for industrial part, urban area and power infrastructure in Thailand – at a total cost of VND 23 trillion (US$ 1billion).


Industrial Zone at Nghe An Province (Joint venture with Thailand-based Hemaraj Land & Development Public Co., Ltd

Started from the difficult land – Nghe An province and undergoing the fierce war, CIENCO4 has step by step asserted itself.


Bidding Contract J3 under Ben Luc- Long Thanh Expessway Construction Project

Between 1965 and 1995, CIENCO4 painted on the map of the country more than 1,000 km of new roads; Nearly 250 km of railway, 1200 m of seaport; 25,000 m2 of airport runway as well as many workshops, warehouses and permanent bridges; transportation of weapons and goods for contribution into the Southern's liberty

In 1991, the Ministry of Transport decided to separate the basic construction department in the Union and set up a company, named Central Construction Company.

In December of 1995, the Ministry of Transport issued the Decision No. 4985/QD-BGTVT on changing the name of the Central Construction Company into Civil Engineering Construction Corporation No.4.

From the State-owned enterprise, under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport, the company engaged in equitisation, shifting its model into a joint stock company, a move that created a turning point in the company's development. Operating under the new model has paved the way for the company to approach capital-intensive infrastructure projects funded by international organisations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), or Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


Da Nang – Quang Ngai Expressway Construction Project

In early 2015, less than one year after being equitised, CIENCO4 raised its chartered capital from VND600 billion to VND720 billion.

On June 15, 2016, the company again scaled up its chartered capital to reach VND1 trillion ($45.4 million) by selling 28 million shares at a value of VND10,000 (45 US cents) apiece to existing shareholders. This move allowed the firm to grow into one of the largest contractors in terms of capital value.

On April 28, 2017, the company turned its model into a multi-sector group (CIENCO4 Group).

After 55 years of shaping and growth, exeriencing many stages of development of the country from war to peace, with several changes of its name and model  over time,  the leaders and employees of CIENCO4  has always maintained its spririt of pioneering people, mastered the science  and technology in period of integration and development. Not only building on land, CIENCO4 has reached out to the sea by transoceanic bridges, century works and a mass of projects that bring changes to key economic areas of the country.


Tan Vu – Lach Huyen, the longest transoceanic bridge in Vietnam

Along with the stabilty of the country, CIENCO4's brand day by day has built by lots of key projects and dedicated people. Beside to production and business activities, CIENCO4 always cares about its wokers' life as well as well-implement the social work, gratitude and charity.


Thai Nguyen – Cho Moi Road

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