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Independence – Freedom – Happiness



                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hanoi, Dated 29 June 2018


Ref: Selection of  technical engineers to work in Japan (5th recruitement) in 2018

To: - Leaders of Cienco4 Group

- Functional Divisions

- Subsidiaries and Affiliates.

  • In order to the development strategy for human resources of Cienco4 Group and Co-operation Agreement between Cienco4 Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Co.,Ltd (Japan), Cienco4 Group continues to select and recruite technical workers in Japan in 2018, specifically:

1. Requirements & Targets:

  • Technical workers of Cienco4 Group shall work at the SMCC's construction site in Japan so that they shall be educated and improved skills as well as get access to advanced construction technologies in the field of construction of traffic works; gradually build a team of skilled workers with professional working methods to meet the increasing requirements of the corporation.
  • After working in Japan, All of technical workers shall be assigned in the subsidiaries and affiliates in order to improve their knowledge accumulated during the working time.

2. Objects and Standards

a. Objects:

  • - Male
  • - Height: 1.63m,
  • - Weight: 55kg and over
  • - Age: from 20 to 30 Years old
  • - Technical workers have been currently working in Cienco4's subsidiaries or have relatives with Cienco4's staffs. They must be enough qualification and desire to work for - Corporation for a long time.

b. Standards

  • - Have virtue, skill, hard work, enthusiasm; No criminal record, no tattoos
  • - Have a good health to work in a foreign country (no infectious disease; No eye disease; be not infected with HIV; ….)

c. Education: Graduated from technical college (elementary) specialized in road and bridge construction (Priority is given to those with intermediate, colleges, universities, bridge & road construction and experienced)

3. Number of workers and working time

  • - Quantity: 12-15 workers for prequalification; 6 workers for official recruitement.
  • - Working period in Japan: 03 years (After 3 years if working well, they will be extended for 2 years)

4. Prequalification profile includes:

  • - Curriculum vitae certified by the employer or local authority
  • - Declaration of the candidates
  • - Notarized copies: birth certificate; Registration book; Identity Card, High school diploma  university graduation certificate (if any);
  • - Health certificate certified by medical facility (according to Circular 13/2007/TT-BYT dated 21 November 2007
  • - 10 portraits (4x6) and 01 full body photos (New photos taken;  wearing white shirt with cravat)

5. Time of submission: From 1 July 2018 to 30 August 2018

6. Time of prequalification:  expected from 15 September 2018 to 30 September 2018

7. Japanese language course and exit procedures: About 5 months

8. Exit time: Expected 15 April 2019.
The Functional Division, Subsidiaries and Affiliates must be responsible for notifying to the concerned workers about this plan. List of qualified workers must be made and submitted to human resource division before 30 August 2018.








(signed and sealed)


Nguyen Tuan Huynh


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