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Cienco​4 held the table tennis celebrate in the Independent Day September 2sd  

On August 28 and 30, Trade Union Group organized the table tennis tournament for corporate offices and invited guests including VPA Company, Company 407, Cienco4 Joint Stock Company in the cafeteria on the 10th floor at the headquarters of Cienco4 Group to celebrated the Independent  Day September 2sd, this actions creating a joyful atmosphere, healthy exchanges and solidarity among leaders, staff and employees of the Group.

There are more than 40 athletes participating in the tournament, including: Men's Premiership + A1 (12 players), Men's singles A2 (18 players), Double leaders (09 pairs) and A1 + A2 (14 pairs of athletes). The tournament took place in total of 50 matches, in direct knockout mode to choose the first, second and third prize in all the content.

This is a regular activity of the Trade Union, the Youth Union of the Cienco4 Group, through the friendly matches to strengthen the relationship between the specialized departments, enhance learning, improve professional skills. Table tennis in Cienco4 Group is growing more and more powerful. At present, there are many members of the corporation at various ages involved in training and competition, contributing to the movement of physical training and sports in the Group.

The matches between the pairs of ping-pong competitions took place very enthusiastically, the athletes showed the professional level, technical movements, devoted many beautiful ball and received enthusiastic cheers lover table tennis in Corporate Group.

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