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CIENCO4 is about to list its shares on the stock exchange

InOctober 2018, CIENCO4 will list its shares on the stock exchange.

TheLong Son 1, 2, 3, 4, Cau Hieu 2 (Nghia Dan, Nghe An) new zones are invested byCienco4

TheBoard of Directors of CIENCO4 has recently issued the custody resolution andlisted shares of CIENCO4 Group on the Stock Exchange in October 2018.

Withthe goal of becoming a strong economic corporation, developing multi-industry,besides building traffic infrastructure, CIENCO4 Corporation is expanding intoinvestment, tourism, real estate, The value of output, turnover, profits andincome of employees continuously grows over the years.

In2017, the targets of CIENCO4 reached and exceeded the target. Production valuereached VND4,454 billion, equal to 111% of the plan, sales reached VND4,110billion, equal to 103% of the plan, pre-tax profit reached VND208 billion,dividend yield was 18%, profit after tax / Charter capital reached 18.5%,reaching 103% of the plan. In the first half of 2018, net revenue of thecorporation reached VND1.175 trillion; profit reached over VND228 billion.

CIENCO4owns and manages many modern and advanced construction technologies, ensuringthe construction of large projects, technical requirements complex. Representing,for example, the technology of casting on mobile derrick, balanced cantilevertechnology, cable-stayed bridge, urban tunnel, cross-country road tunnel, weaksoil treatment line and continuing construction of highway projects, airports,seaports, civil construction ...

Accordingto Nguyen Tuan Huynh, General Director of CIENCO4, the Group alwaysrespectfully welcomes the partners in the project of building and investinginfrastructure in the form of partnership; PPP investment cooperation,especially the North-South highway project; Long Thanh Airport is beingimplemented by the Government.

"Inthe time to come, we will focus on building and developing our businessstrategy while ensuring competitiveness in project search, product qualityimprovement, labor productivity, and step by step mastering high develop CIENCO4 Group is growing and is the number one in the field ofinfrastructure investment in the transport sector, "said Huynh.

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