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Cienco4 Group held the first nine-month conference and deployed tasks in the next 3 months of  the end of 2018.

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General Director Nguyen Tuan Huynh chaired the meeting

In the afternoon of October 12sd, 2018 in Hanoi, Cienco4 Group held the conference of business performance in the first 9 months and deployed the task in the next 3 months of the end of 2018.

Attending the meeting were Chairman Nguyen Van Tuan; Vice Chairman - General Director Nguyen Tuan Huynh; Party Secretary, Deputy General Director Nguyen Quang Vinh; Deputy General Directors, leaders of Party Committee, Trade Union, Group Youth Union, Leaders of Departments, Office of Group; Directors of the Project Steering Committee: Mai Dich - Co Nhue, Tan Vu Intersection, Noi Bai Chalk; Directors of Subsidiaries, Subsidiaries and Affiliates of the Group.

In the remaining 3 months of 2018, the Group will be listed on the stock exchange in order to be transparent in its production and business operations, create a prestigious brand name and mobilize capital to serve the business efficiency. Strengthening the inspection and supervision through the performance of functions of shareholders, members of the board of management and the board of control to overcome weaknesses in the management of the member units in order the Group maintains its capital management and capital investment in its member companies. To concentrate on investing in science and technology, giving priority to new technologies. Renewing the work of emulation and reward, creating motivation in production, increasing labor productivity to avoid the form.

The conference was attended by the leaders of the Group, the specialized departments, the member units and the Project Steering Committee on the issues of production, business and safety work, labor, quality, progress of works.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr.Nguyen Tuan Huynh, on behalf of the Board of Directors, leaders of the Group on the occasion of Vietnamese businessmen October 13, wish the Cienco4 businessmen abundant health, happiness success. General  Director Nguyen Tuan Huynh also hope that the Entrepreneurs of Cienco4 will try together to overcome the most difficult period, the General Director also shared difficulties in the past time of the Group in particular the transport sector in general. However, with the forefront and strategic investment, retaining the brand prestige affirmed the company has a long tradition of investment in construction of transport infrastructure, to the present time Cienco4 has. There are positive signals about the job search market as well as investment projects. Also at the meeting, General Director Nguyen Tuan Huynh stated that the stable organizational structure of the Group as well as some units, streamlined, operate effectively and efficiently; review and adjust the development strategy and business plan of Cienco4 in accordance with the new situation. In addition, the Group is also focusing on the stock market after October 22nd, while increasing equity, investment effectively.

A presentation at the conference:

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