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Cienco4 Tower - 61 Nguyễn Trường Tộ, new choice for life

Vinh city has been developed in fields, especially real estate. Economic development has resulted in growing demand in houses, leaving the higher fever in land price and challenges to citizens. Ms Nguyễn Thị Lan living in Vinh city has spent much time over a year looking for an affordable house which assures her family’s living conditions. However during the fluctuation of the market, the houses that she’s found all fail her demand or are too expensive. 

Cienco4 has been studying the real estate market and adopted a plan in compliance with the development direction of Vinh city. An apartment complex named Cienco4 Tower has been built at 61 Nguyen Truong To by Cienco4 Land and is considered a feasible project, meeting the demand of local citizens. 789m2 of all 3,600m2 project was used for the apartment complex construction, with 18 surface stories, one basement, and three lifts. The first level has five shophouses: 54m2, 62m2, 67m2, 69m2, three two-room apartments 63m2, 66m2, 67m2. From level 1 to 18 there are nine two-room apartments each: 63m2, 66m2, 67m2, 69m2, 73m2 and one three-room apartment 86m2. The apartments’ balconies view the northwest and southeast and are designed in modern structure. The apartment complex at 61 Nguyen Truong To is a good choice. 

Cienco4 Tower is located at the center of Dong Vinh ward and interchange of Nguyen Truong To street and Tran Nguyen Han street, enabling to travel easily to the Center, Entertainment area, shopping malls and the administration offices. Especially, Cienco4 Tower is next to the administration office of the ward and Dong Vinh market which is a big and busy place. It takes only four minutes to travel from Cienco4 Tower to VSIP industrial zone and Vinh-Cua Lo Boulevard. In the future the roads to Cienco4 Tower are going to be improved and expanded to facilitate the traffic connection. 

Cienco4 Tower is being finalized by December 2019. The apartments from level 4 to 18 has been completed with painting, door installation, electricity system, water, bathroom equipment and are handed over to customers for their preparation of furniture. The whole water and electricity system of the project is now completed to meet the demand. All signs and guidelines are installed, doors of technique room, staircase, waste room and bins are available. Fire prevention system is installed and being tested before official inspection. There is one freight lift and two customer lits which are pleased to customers for smooth operation. Magcards have been issued. The basement is cleaned and divided into different areas relying on vehicles. The lobby and garden are being completed with plants, parking lot card, decoration light system, and high pressure lamp. The barrier will be removed next week. Cienco4 is urging to complete all work items inside apartments so that customers can spend their Tet Holiday 2020 in there. 

The development of the city has resulted in narrower land and growing demand in houses. Cienco4 Tower, therefore, is not only a good choice for local people who are looking for suitable apartments but also inspired a strategic vision for the structure of the city in the future.

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