Official name:Cienco4 Group
English Name:Cienco4 Group
Short name:CIENCO 4
Head Office:10-11 Floor, Buildings ICON4, No. 243A, De La Thanh - Ward Lang Thuong - Dong Da district - Hanoi



Cienco4 Group (CIENCO 4) is the inherited tradition Works Department - Ministry of Transport was established on 12.27.1962 to implement the task of ensuring the traffic in the war against American competition. Over nearly 50 years of fighting, construction and growth, the Corporation also has been reorganized with the following names:

- On 12.27.1962, the Ministry of Transport issued Decision No. 1477-QD/TL establishment Works Department under the Ministry of Transport.

- In 1966, renamed the Department of Public Works Department I.

- In 1976, I moved to the Department of duty recovery, economic development and was renamed the joint works Enterprise I.

- End in 1982, renamed the Union of Construction Enterprise Traffic 4.

- In 1991, the Ministry of Transport decided to separate the construction force in the Union and established corporations Construction of Central.

- February 12/1995, the Ministry of Transport issued Decision No. 4985/QD-BGTVT rename Corporation Construction of the Central Construction Corporation Traffic 4.

- On 22/8/2007, the Ministry of Transport issued Decision No. 2601/QD-BGTVT Established Company - Corporation Construction of traffic 4. The Corporation operates as the official parent company - subsidiary.

- On 25/6/2010, the Ministry of Transport issued Decision No. 1757/QD-BGTVT moving Company - Corporation Construction of four traffic into a limited liability company member.

Over nearly half a century to build and grow, the Corporation and staff employees were forged in battle and in economic construction, the will to rise strongly, constantly innovating organizations management, investment in equipment and technology, maintain and develop human resources, diversification of industries, improve product quality, ensure a stable life for employees, respect the interests of customers and partners, implementation of fair competition, development of sustainable corporations. From 2000 to 2010 continuous Corporation is the leading movement of the Transport Sector, the Party, State and Government awarded many honors, in 2008 the Corporation was awarded the Order Ho Chi Minh.

Brand CIENCO 4 days has been confirmed as a strong brand in the field of construction traffic.​