After nearly 55 years of development and growth, Cienco4 Group prouds with tradition of hero unit armed forces in the anti-American resistance war.

Entered a period of economic integration and development, CIENCO 4 has been developing business in the right direction, with strongly rising wills, constantly improving management organization, investing technical equipment, maintain and develop human resources, diversification professions, improve product quality, ensure employers life, also respect the interests of customers and partners, fair competition.  From 2000 to 2010, the corporation continually was the leading emulation movements transportation sector, the State and the Government to raise many honors, in 2008 the corporation was awarded the President Hochiminh Medal.

The development objective by 2015 is to build CIENCO 4 sustainable development, increase business efficiency, ability to compete in the market; diversify business lines, transmission lines of traffic building is essential, other industries developed logically, boosts application of advanced science and technology in the modern production business, taking care of a good deal more physical life, spiritual workers, the corporation developed out bar unit with strong brands.

With a dynamic, creativity team of leaders and management; our staffs of highly qualified science; team of skilled technical workers provide equipment and modern technology…. CIENCO 4 look forward to strengthen cooperation, joint ventures and associate with customers, partners and overseas in the fields of construction, investment and economic development on the basic of equality and mutual benefit, CIENCO 4 committed to bring to partners, customers the trust and satisfied.